Londen Racer 2 Full Version

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London Racer 2 Free Download Full Version PC Game - Download London Racer 2 PC Game Free Full Version - London Racer 2 Full Version Free Download is a PC game from Davilex. London Racer 2 is the sequel to game London Racers. The London racers are back, riding a harder, faster, more frenzied race through the streets of London and Edinburgh. This staggering contest will even take them overseas! And you're one of the lucky racers. Prepare yourself for a brand new race through London and Edinburgh, thrash your opponents with your superlative driving skills, tactical collisions and cunning stunts. Watch your back and attempt every trick in the book to escape the grasping hands of the law. Experience a life-like racing world interspersed with great dance music and radio comments from Kiss's best DJ.

Download London Racer 2 PC Game Free Full Version!

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