Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Full Version

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Hot Pursuit 2 has 3 basic modes, and several players (which does not seem to have police at all). There Hot Pursuit, which is not a career mode based on the story, where you complete the challenges in the increasingly fast cars, including circuits, knockout and point to point racing. Challenges timed and then the police in which you must ram and arrest a minimum number of runners to succeed. Best of all, unlike newer games, it is not
necessary to place first, the elimination of a large part of the frustration. If you are having trouble getting in the first place, no problem, you can go to third. Worth mentioning is that in Hot Pursuit mode, all the challenges that the police somewhere, whether it is or AI. There is then the Championship mode, which is basically the opposite, a lot of races with no police anywhere.

So it's not just the single race mode, where the game's point system enters earn points for both playback mode or completing custom racing challenges in career mode. Then move these to buy new cars and tracks to race mode. In career mode, you can choose Single Race, be the Cop, Knockout, Tournament and Free Run. Most of which you can change settings such as the police, traffic and the number of runners. However, there is a lack of choice of "Time of day", which appeared in the previous games. A couple of tracks taking place at night, but most take place for several hours a day, which is disappointing. There is also a desired new system because it is in a race and get in multiple activities, you will get more stars in the coming year. And this affects the behavior of the police, not only increased the length of the chase, but the police start backup call including additional police to carry out, helicopters and roadblocks / spikestrips (all of which can be used Be Cop mode). Furthermore, unlike previous games, there is a greater variety of police cars, as most of the cars in the game (but not all) have variants police.

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