Spiderman 1 Full Version

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Activision's The Amazing Spider-Man launched on consoles and portable devices on Tuesday, but its PC version won't be out until August. Activision has confirmed that the newest Beenox-developed webhead game will ship for the PC on August 10.
Spidey swoops in on PC in August.
 The game will be available on Valve's digital distribution platform Steam, where it will support Steam Achievements, according to an update on Activision's Hero HQ online information portal.

21-08-2012......Release Date
Protection...........Steam CEG
Action.............Game Type - Disk(s)....................1 DVD

                        Spinning out of this summer\'s smash movie from Columbia Pictures, The Amazing Spider-Man video game picks up the action where the movie left off, with Peter parker continuing to swing and climb his way around New York City as their friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

                        As Spider-Man, you\'ll continue to discover that with great power comes great responsibility as you take on a wave of classic Marvel Comics super-villains, including Rhino and the Black Cat in a an open-world adventure filled with exciting side-missions.

                          The game\'s new Web Rush mechanic makes swinging around New York moreexciting than in any previous Spider-Man game, leaving you feeling more like Spidey than ever before.


                                  Friendly Neigh bour hood Spider-Man - New York is Spider-Man\'s home and his playground, and this game sees a return to the free-roaming, web spinning gameplay across a dynamic and visually stunning Manhattan where adventure is found around (almost) every corner.

                                     My Spider-Sense Is Tingling - The new Web Rush mechanic will revolutionizes Spider-Man gameplay, giving you real-time navigation and combat choices whenever you need it. Web Rush can be triggered at any time and will give you a host of choices to help you get out of any situation, and will let you feel like you\'re pulling off Spidey\'s moves yourself.

                                         Amazing Fantasy - Continue the action from this summer\'s The AmazingSpider - Man movie, with an all-new adventure from Battlestar Galactica writer Seamus Kevin Fahey. As young Peter Parker, you\'ll uncover more of his untold story.

                                     Rogue\'s Gallery - Face some of Spidey\'s most dastardly foes, redesigned to fit into the world of the movie and the game. Take on the unstoppable might of the Rhino Tangle with the venomous Scorpion Cross paths with the Black Cat Face the pest of Vermin And just who is the mysterious Iguana?

                                            Four-Color Fun - As you progress throughout the game, you can collectvintage Spider-Man comic books, including his first ever appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15.

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