Virtua Cop 2 Full Version

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Virtua Cop 2 is the follow-up to the heavily successful light gun-based cops-and-robbers shooter on the Saturn and provides more levels, missions, enemies, weapons, and three crime zones. Shoot all your enemies and save the bank. Played as an on-rails shooter, Virtua Cop 2 is split into three stages: Big Chase, Save the Mayor, and Railline Shootout. Conflicts take place through banks, city chases, hotels, apartments, ports, luxury liners, trains, subways, warehouses, and more. This is a good shooting game. Levels can be
played in any order via the stage selection screen, and after the first part of each stage two selectable paths are offered.

A variety of bad guys are armed with axes, knifes, pistols, grenades, machine guns, missile launchers, and more. A boss will mark the end of each stage and include mostly airborne (using jet-propelled packs) enemies who use missile and plasma attacks. By shooting various power-ups, players can acquire new weapons including rifles, automatics, machine guns, magnums, shotguns, and additional lives. Shooting a hostage will result in the player losing a life. This is a shooting game.

Options include difficulty selection, gun looseness, selectable lives from one to nine, continues from infinite to nine, audio modes and tests, controller settings, and light gun calibration. Virtua Cop 2 is compatible with both standard control pads and light guns. Rescue Hostage and Enjoy this game.

Virtua Cop 2 Stages:
In Virtua Cop 2 four stages and these stages and stages will hard step by step. Here the four stages of this game.

Virtua Cop 2 Stage 1: Beginner 
You progress along with a jewelry theft resistanceand a chase car thieves in the process is running firefight.

Virtua Cop 2 Stage 1 Boss: Bobbie Lewis, leader of the attack on downtown jewelry storeBobbieLouise is a very large customerbut do not be fooled - he's a slowpoke.
Virtua Cop 2 Stage 2: Medium 
 Virtua City Mayor dangerous rescue from kidnappersThey hide their yacht in the harbor, follow,and blast them off the deck of the festival.

Virtua Cop 2 Stage 2 Boss: Arrow drivercall the shots in a high-tech mission Virtua paramilitaryunit to abduct the city mayorThe air war strategy that afforded manueverability by rocket beltpacks prefer to use the originalA large group formations in the crowd on their opponents.

Virtua Cop 2 Stage 3: Expert 
 Pursuit of a villain in the subway systemand even deep in the heart of the underground VirtuaCityDestroy terrorist underground headquarters.

Virtua Cop 2 Stage 3 Boss: Garse memberthe commander of a paramilitary terrorist organizationVirtua City Member of the bowels of a secret underground base. In dealing withthese heavy armored commandos with caution is advisedGarse favorite is a tank in which he will use against police officers.

Virtua Cop 2 Last: Final Stage 
This stage is a final battle against the villain.
Final Boss: Mastermindthe man behind the chain of events and recently resurrected nothingbad is said about it, Except that a disgusting Virtua complain against policeThe rocket belt, ahigh-tech diving Aero is using the same packet.

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