Apple Safari 5.1.7 Free Download Full Version

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Apple Safari 5.1.7 Free Download Full Version

Apple Safari Free Download Full Version is a Web Browser that works successfully with windows, iPhone and MAC that have ability to support the user in browsing and provide more efficiency to the users of Apple Safari to work, browse and visit every thing online in seconds.

Apple Safari is also available for iPhone and iPad to access your important data, websites and email via your handset without any laptop or computer. Apple Safari is most faster and easily installed web browser that allows your Operating System to access the web sites with more speed and reliability.

Apple Safari Free Download Full Version for Windows, MAC, Macintosh, iPad and iPhone is available to free download and enjoy the browsing experience in minutes. Apple Safari have many advantages over Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxOpera and Internet Explorer.

Apple Safari features are Accessibility, Zoom, Keyboard Shortcuts, Toolbar, Scroller, Full Screen, Bookmarks, Drag & Drop, History View, Shortcut Tabs, Resume, Undo close tab, Faster Integrated Downloader, Save as, Top Sites, Help and Support, RSS Search, Offline Page viewer, RSS Reader, Settings, Save Passwords, Auto Clear History, Unicode Support, Open PDF Files, Save image files, Latest Extensions and Add-ons, One click installation, automatic update, Popup Blocking, Private Browsing, Empty cache, Downloads in Specific Folder, Link to mail and many more.

Application Details:
Size: 36.71
Version: 5.1
License: Free

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