FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server v8.3 Incl Keymaker

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FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server v8.3 Incl 
                                                 FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server v8.3 Incl   Keymaker
Total Backup Recovery Server protects your business from the high costs of computer failure and operational losses. Total Backup Recovery Server centralizes backup and recovery management, which provides businesses with a cost-effective infrastructure for greater business functionality and resilience. Leverage your business continuity through our easy to use, yet powerful tools to meet your recovery time objects, eliminate operational downtime, and improve productivity.
All-in-one data recovery software ensures your servers can be quickly restored from virus, data lose, flood, or any other unexpected disaster. With a special recovery environment (Recovery Manager), you can run Total Backup Recovery to back up and restore damaged partitions even if Windows does not start. Some other features of Total Backup Recovery®, such as creating bootable rescue disc, are also available in this recovery environment.

Total Backup Recovery’s Suite of backup features includes:
• Full backup (disk imaging) or back up only selected files & folders
• Backup open files, Exchange, SQL, VMware and Oracle servers without interrupting your operations
• Experience NO Business operational downtime!
• Universal Restore without a hassle!
• Hard Drive Imaging: Backs up and restores a system with a complete copy of all files, installed software, partition information, and system settings.
• Incremental Backup: A backup that stores changes to the data against the latest backup.
• File Backup: Manually or automatically backs up selected file/folder, file extension, etc.
• Dissimilar Restore: Restores a complete system image of a particular configuration to a different hardware configuration system or a Virtual Machine.

Other Features & Benefits:
• Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Support (for Windows Server 2003 and higher): Easily back up VSS compatible databases (Exchange, Oracle, SQL Server) without taking databases offline and ensuring data consistency.
• Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) Support: Boot and recover any system from PXE server without the need for a Bootable Rescue Disk.
• Complete External Backup: Store a complete system image on a USB hard drive, or on a network share.
• Easy Disk Image Updates: Incremental Backup lets you quickly update your saved disk image without ever leaving Windows.
• Flexible Backup: Back up your client’s hard drive to another local hard drive, network drive, or a USB device.
• Rapid, Controlled Recovery: Rebuild system via Complete Restore in minutes, not hours or days.
• Partition Support: Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS and other unknown partitions.
• Hardware Support: Supports IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI/RAID, GPT hard drives and Dynamic hard drive.
• 100% Protection: Restore an operating system damaged by corrupt software, human error, a virus attack, or a software bug.
• FTP Support: Save another data copy onto a remote FTP server to enhance the protection of files and even the whole computer.
• Virtual Machine Support: Convert the backup image into a VMware file image format to run it on a virtual machine.

What’s new in Total Backup Recovery Server 8:
* UEFI-based System Support
* Free Administrative Console
* GPT/Dynamic Disk Support
* Free Dissimilar Restore
* VMWare/VHD Support
* Password Recovery
* Domain Controller Support
* Enhanced RAID Support
* Hot/Cold Imaging
* Data Shredding

                                     FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server v8.3 Incl Keymaker

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