GOM Player 2.2.57 Full Version Free Download

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GOM Player 2.2.57 Full Version Free Download
                                   GOM Player 2.2.57 Full Version Free Download

GOM Media Player is free audio and video multimedia player that plays all types of multimedia files with high quality and easy interface. It supports the audio and video files for playing easily with playlist options. GOM Media Player gives an easy interface to its users to manage and operate it with ease and saving your time. Screen capturing is the extra advanced feature of GOM Media Player. It supports the hot and shortcut keys from the keyboard to used it faster as possible. GOM Media Player shows the simple and easy to use interface to the user for easily playing multimedia files
without wasting user's time.

GOM Media Player Features:

  • GOM Multimedia Player has the integrated feature of finding the appropriate codecs for high definition videos. It automatically find the available codecs from the server and install it within your computer without downloading any external software.
  • GOM Media Player has its own simple and very popular yellow icon that is the identity of GOM Media Player. all interface in the latest versions are just like as human interface. The skin and buttons are customizable.
  • When user starts the GOM Media Player first time the simple help start wizard helping the user's with providing help and support to operate and how to use and manage GOM Media Player.
  • GOM Media Player has the ability to play back multiple audio channels like 2, 4 and 5.1 channels as well S/PDIF output.
  • GOM Media Player easily associate with the multimedia file formats in windows. The user want to associate it with only mp3 music files so they can easily associate it with the required file types from the setting of GOM Media Player.
  • GOM media player has its own integrated codecs for playing AVI, DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF and more high definition video files as well.
  • GOM media player is capable to play he damaged or uncompleted files from downloading and it have the ability to play the working frames and automatically skip the damaged frames.
  • GOM media player has the support for Windows 8 in his latest version that is available for free download below.
  • GOM media player has functions like key remapping, editable skins and interface, overlay mixing, HTTP streaming, fast rendering, unicoding and subtitling.
  • GOM player integrates more easy functions like Zoom in and out, freeze framing, step back and forward, capture images from the HD/HQ videos and movies and many more features.
  • GOM Media Player has its more flexible equaliser used to make Bass and more sound effecs with your customization with your woofers and speakers.
  • Playing speed increasing and decreasing is the best feature of GOM Media Player.
  • Easy volume up and down with mouse and also it can control with the shortcut keys from the keyboard.
  • User can handle every thing with the hotkeys from the keyboard so they can save there time and watch there movies and listen there music with easiest and best multimedia player.
GOM Player 2.2.57 Full Version Free Download

- Changes to minimum system requirements
- Major improvements to the internal source filter
- FLAC audio file (.flac) playback support added
- Added Internal support for several video and audio codecs
- Improvements to the Bookmarks feature
- Jump to specific time feature added
- “Play in single thread” set to off by default
- Improved .LNK file playback
- Corrected DAT file associations
- Updated the Codec Finder window
- Improved the Subtitle Explorer window
- Fixed a security issue
- Enhanced the security of the installer package
- Misc. changes and fixes

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