Metal Slug PC Game Full Version

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Metal Slug PC Game Full Version

Metal Slug PC Game Full Version
Metal slug is most popular and complete collection series Neo-Geo run and gun action video game finally released for Microsoft windows gaming lovers. Metal Slug have 7 main games (Metal Slug, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in the main series and metal slug anthology is one of the latest game in compilation series. Metal-Slug is one of the best run and gun action and adventure video game supports Cool Rom. Metal slug game series is mostly played and mostly downloaded game than its competitors. Metal slug 5 was released in November 2003 for 5 popular gaming platforms. These platforms are Microsoft Windows (PC), PlayStation 2 (PS2), Neo-Geo, Arcade and Xbox as well.

Basically metal slug is single player game but it supports 2nd player with co-op features in gameplay. The 2nd player can join the first player with pressing specific button from keyboard. Metal slug 5 is the fifth game in the sequel of metal slug games. This game features many new improvements in gameplay like backgrounds, missions, weapons and background music as well. It was firstly released in Japan, Korea and then in North America, Europe and Australia. Metal slug 5 compilation version has many new features then the previous versions of this series. The game is similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers but these games doesn't features gun feature.

The gameplay is similar to the previous main games series but some new features and improvements were added into this edition. The player can pick several weapons and bonuses while running and gunning. The enemies are also rich with several weapons and they used these to kill the user player. The second player can join the game and starts a co-op gameplay through both the players. The gameplay is fully based on missions with individual difficulty level, sound tracks, background graphics interface and many other things as well. Some missions include zombies, mummies and aliens.

The user player is eligible to jump, shoot, slide and other actions to stay in the gameplay. This game introduces terrorists that are loaded with several heavy and light weapons. The player will get points through killing the enemies and destroy the targets of these enemies. Some rounds have helicopters and jet planes which will start bombing on the player. The player is required to stay safe from these dangerous bombs and destroy them through firing in the up direction. The game doesn't require heavy system requirements for installing and playing it on PC. It receives positive reviews from gaming communities and company reviews.

Metal Slug Free Download

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