How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8.1

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Is your Windows 8.1 computer misbehaving? At some point, for some known or unknown reason, Windows may start to intermittently freeze or crash. It might begin to run very slowly.
How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Refreshing your PC brings Windows 8.1 back to a cleaner state.Specifically, refreshing preserves your Windows 8.1 apps (and note: we mean Windows 8.1 apps, not your general Windows programs) and all of your personal documents, photos, music, and other files. Note that there are some fine points to this: What happens to your data files depends on where they’re stored. If your files are stored in your personal folders area or in the root of your C: drive, then they’re preserved. If they’re stored in the Windows folder or in
either of the two Program Files folders—Program Files and Program Files (x86)—they’re removed as a result of Windows being reinstalled. So be wary of what's where before you commit.

Now, these are two very different things within Windows 8.1. Resetting Windows 8 dials the OS back to a clean factory state, just as if it were brand new and out of the box. And here, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good: Resetting your PC will put the whammy on virtually any Windows problem, assuming it’s not a hardware fault. The bad? All of your Windows 8.1 apps, desktop programs, and files will be erased, and your PC settings will revert to their defaults.  

 Here are the Steps :

1. From Windows 8.1, launch the Charms bar, click on the Settings charm, and then select the link to “Change PC settings”… 
How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8.1

2. In the PC Settings window, click on the Update and Recovery category.Then Click on Recovery category.There will be a setting named “Refresh your PC without affecting your files.” Click on the “Get started” button to kick off the process.
How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8.1

3. If you installed Windows 8.1 from disc, you’ll likely receive a message telling you to insert the original media with the explanation that “Some files are missing. Your Windows installation or recovery media will provide these files.” It should look like this…
How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8.1
 4. Pop your Windows 8.1 DVD into your optical drive. After a few seconds, the disc should be verified. At the subsequent “Ready to refresh your PC” screen, click the Refresh button...
5. Windows 8.1 restarts, and a message appears telling you that Windows is preparing to refresh your PC. Windows then tells you that it’s refreshing your PC and shows a percent-complete progress indicator… 

How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8.1
6. This process typically takes a while, so you may want to get away from your PC for a nice big mug of coffee (or, better yet, a brisk and healthy walk). After the refresh completes, Windows reboots. Be sure not to boot off the DVD, as you want Windows to load off the hard drive.
After some prep time, Windows deposits you at its Lock screen. Logging in eventually brings you to the familiar Start screen…
How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8.1
You can now remove Windows 8.1 disc at this point. After you check out the Start screen, you may find that your time zone has been reset, certain Live Tiles have been turned off, and other options have reverted to their default settings. So, your first trip should be to the PC Settings screen, where you can customize various options back to your own liking…
Now Enjoy as You Just have Installed Windows 8.1 Now ...... 


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